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Top 5 Wellness Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Heading into the third year since the first covid outbreak, we are still seeing exponential growth within the wellness industry. By 2025, the global wellness industry is set to reach $7 trillion. In 2020, it was sitting pretty at 4.4 trillion. Due to a large consumer values reset, this is set to soar to new heights in the years ahead. The industry continues to evolve and innovate, let’s take a look at the top 5 wellness trends you should know about this year. 

Surge in Next-Gen Wearables 

There is a huge demand for improving the way we monitor our health and increase our longevity. The Apple Watch continues its quest to innovate and offer new features; a blood oxygen sensor is their latest feature. The most recent model of the Oura ring is gaining traction, with features to track heart rate variability, basal body temperature, respiratory rate and sleep quality. These wearable devices are focusing more so now than ever on general health and wellness. Next-gen wearable technology is only set to rise. 

Conscious, Plant Based Eating 

We have seen a rise in popularity of ways of eating that reduce overall meat consumption. We’ve also seen an increased awareness around the importance of eating high quality sustainably sourced animal products. Health and wellbeing have come to the forefront as a result of the global pandemic. The demand for wholesome, plant based food alternatives continue to drive innovation within the food and beverage industry – both within manufacturing and food service. Plant based food products sales are said to increase fivefold by 2030. 

Finding Calm with Mindful Walking 

In the midst of 2020 lockdowns, a daily walk outside was what kept most of us from going crazy. Experiencing the benefits of mindful walking should be a major motivator for us to continue making it a daily priority post lockdown. An outdoor stroll with no purpose or direction, a simple opportunity to be present and in nature can do absolute wonders for our wellbeing. 

More Eco Friendly Menstruation 

There’s no doubt the global pandemic caused a tremendous amount of stress, as a result we have seen an increase in menstrual cycle abnormalities and existing symptoms exacerbated. A new perspective on menstrual care, has seen a growth in female led companies and platforms on a mission to find solutions and educate women around the world. The environmental impact of tampon and pad usage is a growing concern. We are only set to see even more innovation, conversations, stigma fighting offerings, and a demand for eco friendly products.

Redefining Corporate Wellness 

Gone are the days where providing a fresh fruit bowl is the extent of what companies are able to offer for workplace wellness. Now the options are endless, from lunchtime yoga classes, office sleep pods, regular nutrition and wellbeing seminars…there is something for everyone! The idea of putting employees first and customers second brings benefits to both the company and its clients. The results from investing in employees are boundless, from a happier workplace environment to boosting employee retention. No wonder an increasing number of companies today are taking a more serious and dedicated approach to workplace wellness.

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