Terms and Conditions


Before accessing or using the information and services available through the Welo website (“Site”) make sure you please read this agreement carefully. These terms are to advise you of the rules for using the Welo website. By accessing or using the Site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. From time to time, Welo may amend this agreement, such modifications will be active instantly upon inserting the modified agreement on the Site. For the function of this agreement the words “Welo”, “Site”, “We”, “Us” and “Our” refer to WELO LIMITED. 

Who are we? 

Welo is an online platform advertising jobs in the wellness industry. We connect aspiring job seekers (“Job Seekers”) with businesses (“Employers”) in the wellness industry. For both the Employers and Job Seekers creating an account is free. Employers can post a new opportunity to the platform in the form of a paid advertisement. Job Seekers can apply for as many jobs at no cost. We are simply an online website to help facilitate these introductions, our role is not to manage the technicalities of employment contracts or get involved with the interview process.

We help Employers to find ideal candidates and it is the Employer’s responsibility to instigate moving forward with the hiring process. 

Copyright, trademarks and intellectual property rights 

The Site is operated by Welo Limited (NZ). (NZBN 9429050616671) Welo Limited is the sole proprietor of the material and trademarks on this Site. Welo owns the use of the intellectual property rights on our site, including branding, trademarks, underlying technologies, and as a user of the Site you agree to not infringe on any intellectual property rights owned by Welo. Welo has the right to revoke your limited license to use our site, you must remove all information from any device related to the Site. 


By signing up and using our site on behalf of a company or organization you are agreeing to these terms on behalf of the company or organization and you can confirm you are authorised to do so. You (and the company you are acting on behalf of) are not authorised to use our Site if you do not agree to the terms and conditions outlined on this page. You are liable to make sure all relevant persons acting on behalf of the company are to be made aware of these terms and conditions and are in acceptance of them. You are responsible for managing the users from the company and are not permitted to allow any third party to use our site in benefit of themselves or another third party. 

Information to be used for personal use only 

The information on this Site is for personal use only, you agree to not sell, redistribute or use this information or material for commercial function. You are permitted to use this material for personal use only and agree to abide by the copyright intellectual property rights. Personal use does not include reproducing, posting and publishing any content or software from this Site. 

Informational purposes only 

You acknowledge and agree that the information on this Site does not constitute professional advice and should not be used as such. The published information is general information. Whilst the information on this Site has been coordinated with all due concern, Welo does not accept any liability to any person for the information contained on this site (including but not limited to our information and user generated content), we make no warranties or guarantees that the contents of this Site are up to date, authentic, or complete. 

All jobs listings and registered companies/organisations are in no means endorsed or favoured by Welo. Before entering into any agreement with the Employers or Job Seekers on this Site, Welo strongly advocates that you take responsibility to complete your own legal, auditing, financial and tariff assessments and due diligence.

By using this Site, you agree to release Welo from any claim or liability to you or anyone else for any arrangement or activity taken by you or anyone else in dependence of the information presented or produced from this Site. 

User-generated material and information posted is not approved by us 

This Site includes content uploaded by other account holders and users of the Site. Welo makes a dedicated effort to screen the content that is uploaded to the Site, and will not be liable in any way for any content posted by users to the Site. The information posted does not represent our values and views. 

Personal information 

When you create an account on the Site; you agree and accept the Privacy Policy, you agree to the processing of your personal information as outlined in this policy. Welo takes all due concern to protect the personal information you provide on their website. There is the risk that this information could be unjustly viewed by a third party, or the site may experience a cyber attack, virus or other technological harmful material that may adversely affect your computer equipment, programs and data due to your use of the site or in connection to it. By using this site, you agree to release Welo of any claims or liabilities against them in the event of your personal information being observed by a third party, a cyber attack, virus or other technological harmful material that may adversely affect your computer equipment, programs and data due to your use of the site or in connection to it. 

Welo is not liable for any loss or damage from websites linked to or associated with the site. 

Information you contribute to the Site in public areas, Welo may reproduce and distribute original or derivatives of this material and publicly exhibit the information on their Site, in emails and other forms of social media marketing. 

Your responsibilities 

By creating a user account with Welo, you agree to assume full responsibility of all actions taken under this account. In the event of unauthorized use of your personal information outside of this Site, (regarding your email address and/or password information) you agree to notify Welo instantly. 

You assume full responsibility for the information you provide on the Site and any actions you take related to the Site, you agree to providing correct, truthful and non misleading information. 

The agreement is in accordance with the law of New Zealand and is submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of its courts. If in the case a part of this agreement is held baseless, it will be defective and all other parts will remain valid. The parts of this agreement that prevail the termination of this agreement will remain in force even so.

It is your responsibility to ensure the information you provide on your account is up to date and correct. You agree to only apply for jobs that match your relevant skill set and level of experience, you must not apply for jobs that you do not have the relevant qualifications, skill set and experience. You agree that you are 16 years and older upon creating an account and using the Site, if in the event that you are under age, your account will be instantly removed. You must not create an account that is under a false name or identity. Any and all information you post to public areas is your responsibility and must be in agreement with these terms; any false, misleading, profanity or bullying will not be tolerated and welo will not assume any liability for this misconduct. You agree to release welo (including directors, employees, sub contractors, affiliated companies) from any claims from third parties or yourself related to the breach of these terms of agreement by you or anyone else acting on your behalf. 

By uploading content to our Site, (in the form of images, videos, files, text but not limited to) you agree that this material is not: 

  • Unlawful, offensive or misleading.
  • A breach of intellectual property rights.
  • An infringement of copyright.

The information you upload on to the Site, you hold full ownership rights of and you agree to grant us limited rights over this information for us to use, hold and replicate and administer to necessary third parties. 

You agree for us to reveal this identification to any third parties who claim you have breached any intellectual property rights, privacy and copyright laws. If the information you provide us is a violation of our terms and conditions, we will not be held liable to any third party for this misconduct. We exercise the right to discard any material posted by you on the Site. 

As an Employer you agree to not disclose the personal information and materials from Job Seeker profiles you receive from Job Seeker applications or the Site’s search system database, you agree to use this information for the sole purpose of contacting the relevant Job Seeker to continue with the hiring process. You are held responsible for the leak or misuse of this information, and release Welo of all and any liabilities related to your misconduct and misuse of this information. If you receive personal information through Welo, you agree to adhere to the relevant obligations regarding the use and disclosure of personal information that are defined in the Privacy Act. 

Rights you authorize by using our site 

You allot the following licenses when you post or upload content to the Site: 

  • A infinite, global, non-exclusive, royalty free, interchangeable license to welo to adopt, copy, adminsistor, prepare secondary works, or post your content in relation to the Site over all media channels (including but not limited to Instagram, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, tik tok, email), advertisement of the Site, and 
  • A global, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to all users to use the information and material for their function in connection with the Site.

Our responsibilities 

Welo does not conduct a cross check or vetting procedure for each user, thus welo is not liable for the truthfulness or completeness of information provided by users regarding personal information or job related. Welo cannot guarantee that the information and full access to the Site will always be readily available, when necessary maintenance is in process. Welo have the right to withdraw or disengage the access of all of any parts of the Site for business or working arguments. Welo offers no other assurance in appreciation to the Site. 

Welo is not liable for an Employer’s payment of salary or earnings. Welo is under no agreement to resolve any disputes between Job Seekers and Employers. 

Welo is not responsible to any User of the Site for any loss, injury or damage, whether in agreement, breach (including negligence) or otherwise, arising under or in relation with: 

  1. operation of, or failure to use, the site; or
  2. operation of or dependence on any content visible on the site.

Refund and cancellations 

Welo does not issue any refunds for the purchase of any and all services and products on the Site; this includes but is not limited to; job listing advertisements, candidate unlock search tokens, online courses, merchandise, membership subscriptions, paid downloadable resources, event tickets and career coaching sessions. If you purchase a physical product from the Site and the product arrives faulty or damaged (photo evidence must be supplied) Welo will inspect the item and happily replace it, only once accepted. You are duty bound to pay for the services and products that Welo agrees to provide you with, regardless of whether you utilize the services to full capacity or not. In exchange for the products and services that Welo provides, you are responsible for full payment even if you do not supply the necessary payment information online. 

If in the event, you change your mind about a physical product purchase from Welo, you are eligible for a refund if; 

  • You initiate (by contacting Welo via email) the return of the product within 30 calendar days of your purchase and,
  • The product is in the same condition, and the original packaging is undamaged.

After Welo receives your item, their team will inspect it and complete your refund once accepted. It may take 5 to 10 business days for the money to come through on a credit card. Refund occurs through the original payment method.

Your refund application will be declined if; 

  • the product is damaged in any way; or
  • the application was received after 30 calendar days from purchase date.

Terminating your account 

To apply for your account to be deleted, please go to the settings on your account dashboard and follow the appropriate procedure, or alternatively email us at hello@welo.co.nz and we will promptly do this for you. 

Welo has the right to the extent permitted by law, at any time to delete your account, without incurring any responsibility for doing so. 

Consequence to termination, all and any rights assumed will instantly cease.

Discounts and coupons 

Welo occasionally offers discounts or other advertising offers. Welo has the right to withdraw such discounts or advertising offers for any argumentation including but not limited to deceit or fault. 

Job listings

Welo offers single and bundle packs of three paid job listings. If you purchase one of Welo’s job listings (Basic, StandOut & Featured), your job listing will be active for 30 days. You must have an active job listing in order to use candidate search tokens to unlock profiles. Payment must be made in advance in order to advertise your job listing. Welo does not offer a refund on job listing or token purchases. The listings you buy must not be transferred or shared to benefit any other individual or third party, you agree to use this listing only for the benefit of your company you initially registered with Welo.

Career Coaching

By purchasing any career coaching related service, the client enters into a formal agreement with Cassandra Hogan; thereby agreeing to the terms and conditions set out by the welo career coach. Career coaching is available via Zoom with Cassandra Hogan, purchase a single session or a series of three or six sessions.

Important information 

These conditions, and the files referred to in them include the entirety of the agreement between you and welo, in your scope as a Site User and Account Holder with Welo. No depiction of this agreement will have any lawful consequence unless specified in these conditions. These terms allow you access to the Site and by no means do these conditions establish any relationship of business or cooperation, enrollment or contracting between Welo. These terms remain valid unless specified in written form. The failure to uphold these terms, if caused by a circumstance beyond one’s control, will enable the release of any liability from both parties.

Updated 24 November 2022.