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4 Recruiting Mistakes That Turn Candidates Off

In the fight to hire top talent in this current job market, every small detail matters in ensuring a successful recruitment process. Don’t miss out on quality candidates by making these common hiring mistakes.

1. Being ambiguous or leaving out certain essential details from your job ad 

Be clear and concise in your job description. Make sure to include all the necessary information that a candidate will want to see to inform their decision of whether or not they apply for the job. According to research done by Seek, candidates are unlikely to apply for a position that doesn’t show the salary (32%), working hours (34%) or location (47%). 

First impressions are everything. In today’s job market the roles have reversed, it’s the employers that must prove themselves to the candidates. So begin how you would like to go on; being truthful, upfront and honest. 

2. Poorly designed and lengthy recruitment process 

Put systems and steps in place to make the process as smooth and simple as possible. If your process is too long and dragged out, you’ll be at risk of losing candidates to companies that are efficient and act fast. 

So how long should the recruitment process last? Well, it’s very dependent on what role you’re advertising. For example, a hospitality role may be filled within 2-3 weeks compared to a higher education role that may take between 4-8 weeks or more. In the beginning, explain to the candidate what the process will look like going ahead, this will provide assurance and instill a sense of professionalism. 

3. Masking current challenges 

Be completely transparent, you’ll find most candidates will respect your honesty which in turn builds trust and commitment. Don’t be afraid to include challenges and the steps you will take to overcome them.

Including truthful and authentic information will save both your time and the candidates down the track. There’s no benefit in skewing information to make a job more appealing, be clear and upfront with what the job entails. 

4. Impersonal communication 

We all want to work for a company that respects us and appreciates what we bring to the table. Starting an email with “Dear Candidate…” is one way to turn the majority of candidates off completely. Especially within larger organizations, the heart and genuinity of communication can easily be lost. Copied and pasted interview templates and google meet invites will not get the candidate excited to work within a company where everyone seems like just a number. Make it personal! Ask about their hike they did on the weekend? Show appreciation for their time and energy. It’s these simple acts that enhance the recruitment process. In the end, it’s as simple as treating the candidate as a current employee. Be respectful, upfront and show your appreciation for their time. The recruitment process is another way to showcase your brand, you may not be selling your products and services but through the process you can embody your company’s values and professionalism.

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