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Traveling The World Teaching Pilates Online & Building A Successful Personal Brand Ft. Laura Mohi

Ever dream of traveling the world teaching Pilates online? We chat to Laura Mohi, from Wild Pilates. In 2020, after 10 years as an in-studio Pilates Instructor, Laura decided to offer her classes online and now travels the world teaching Pilates in the most beautiful locations! 

We take a look into a typical day for an online Pilates instructor, Laura also discusses the challenges she overcame whilst transitioning online and shares her tips for building a successful personal brand on social media. Let’s dive in…

What does a typical day look like for you as an online Pilates instructor?

Moving online was a natural progression for me and something I always wanted to do. When I launched online I took what I had learnt from being an instructor for 10 years and owning a studio and found this was a really helpful foundation. 

Working remotely and traveling while filming is relatively new for me, I learnt a lot filming around NZ for the first few years and I’m very excited to be expanding that this year.

A typical day starts with a walk outside to explore followed by 20 minutes of Pilates, unless it is a filming day I then do customer service, online class planning, engaging with clients and social media work. It is then back outside to enjoy the evening. If it is a filming day that’s another story,  it is all go.

What challenges did you face when building Wild Pilates Online? How did you overcome them?

The first challenge was getting comfortable in front of the camera and thankfully this came somewhat naturally to me as I was confident in what I was teaching, the technology side of things was more of a challenge.

It really is a completely new set of skills so I had to take the time to learn and research camera gear, editing, and managing an online platform. I launched in lockdown so I spent all my time upskilling in these areas. I would say don’t wait until everything is perfect, get started and improve the quality as you go – I look back at my first videos and cringe but I know I wouldn’t be here now If I did not start when I did.

Work / life balance is another challenge online, there is no end of work day if you allow this to happen. It is still a work in progress for me but setting ” usual ” work hours has helped.

Take us back 10 years to when you began working in the wellness industry, what inspired you to become a personal trainer? How did you eventually discover Pilates?

I have always been into fitness and after university I trained to be a PT while I figured out what I wanted to do. I loved personal training however I didn’t feel the gym environment was for me. I fell in love with Pilates after taking my mat course to learn more about core connection for my clients and pre/postnatal training. 

Over a few years while working as a PT I completed all of my Pilates courses and decided once I was confident in my teaching,  to open my own studio.

What three pieces of advice would you give to a newbie Pilates instructor wanting to start a successful career in wellness?


Practise teaching and structuring classes as soon as you can, I was very lucky to be already working with clients as a PT when I did my Pilates training and this really helped getting straight into it.


Be sure you are confident in your teaching and have found a style of teaching you love before adding the extra stress of owning a studio.  Focus on your teaching skills first and this confidence will help you make this a long term career. 


Prioritse your own Pilates time. This will help you stay creative and experiencing the benefits in your own mental and physical health will remind you why you are taking this path.

How have you used social media to build your personal brand? What strategies have been the most effective for creating engagement and community?

I think this is hugely important especially for online as you need to be attracting new customers constantly. I have used social media to share my life and my style of teaching which helps build a community around what I am offering online. 

Consistency, adding value and ongoing research have been most effective for me. 

My biggest advice is to document what you are already doing. Social media is all about consistency. To be consistent you need to document what you love.

I will always be out in nature, walking, doing Pilates, out exploring so I have tried to tie this into Wild Pilates as much as I can. If you are trying to share something that is not true to you, keeping up with the content will be tough. 

Online, especially social media can be a scary place so do the groundwork to be confident in your ability and then share this value – take the time to have a good product, find ways to help people and just be yourself.

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