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New Zealand’s Innovative New Fitness Studio Is Opening Up It’s Doors In Tauranga

Kara Spice was building her career as a KX Pilates Instructor in Melbourne when Covid-19 hit. She was redirected to New Zealand and was offered the exciting opportunity to introduce KX Pilates to us kiwis. The first studio will be opening up in Tauranga this October – we can’t be more excited to trial it out soon!

Reformer Pilates has experienced tremendous demand in recent years. What sets KX Pilates apart from a general Pilates Reformer class? 

We deliver an upbeat, dynamic, fitness based spin on reformer Pilates. Combining traditional reformer Pilates principles with progressive techniques – curating high-intensity workouts designed to challenge everybody.

What does KX stand for? 

Our methodology is founded upon the ‘Kaizen Xperience’, originating from the Japanese philosophy of ‘kaizen’ or ‘change for the better’. It’s all about small movements, giant leaps. We focus on delivering long-lasting results through small, continuous improvements to your fitness. 

In three words how would you describe the KX Pilates experience? 

Upbeat, dynamic, empowering.

Can anyone do a KX Pilates class? 

Absolutely! We offer classes starting at a beginner level, moving through to intermediate and advanced.

Beginner classes are purpose-built for those new to Reformer Pilates or getting back into the swing of it after a break, beginner classes are designed to ease you in. Exercises are easily modified to accommodate injuries or fitness limitations. You can dial up or down the intensity to suit your goals using our reformer’s signature spring system.

Intermediate classes build on your beginner foundational strength introducing techniques to target more muscle groups. Adding dynamic layers to further push your coordination, balance, and strength.  

Advanced classes are specifically geared towards those who are masters on the reformer, our advanced classes are the ultimate dynamic workout. You’ll challenge your strength and build stamina in ways that other workouts can’t match. 

We also provide specialty classes including privates, Pre/Post Natal, and Mini and Me (bring your baby), for more information please visit our website.

I want to become a KX Pilates Trainer. What are the key steps involved? What qualifications do I need? 

In order to provide our clients with the most effective workouts, we look for fitness professionals with either a Pilates Certification or a Certificate/Level 4 in a relevant health and fitness industry discipline. Further training in dynamic Pilates is provided to every trainer before they start teaching at KX to uphold the high standards our clients have come to expect.

With ongoing support and development opportunities throughout their employment with us – there’s never been a better time to join the dynamic movement.

Behind the scenes you’ve worked hard to bring KX Pilates to New Zealand! You’re a close knit team of three, what has it been like working alongside each other in business? 

To bring the brand we are so passionate about to the place we get to call home has been a surreal experience. Being able to do that with the people we love is second to none. We share the love, passion and drive to get KX thriving in New Zealand and being able to immerse ourselves in that shared goal as a team has been very special. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing but knowing you have your favourite people there to stress with, laugh with, cry with, hustle with, and most importantly celebrate with makes it all the more worthwhile. There’s no two people I would rather go through this journey with and we are just so excited to see it all come to life.

How did you come across the opportunity to bring KX Pilates to New Zealand? 

I (Kara) was living in Melbourne and building my career within KX Pilates as a Trainer when covid hit. Due to very unfortunate circumstances at the time, I was redirected to living in New Zealand, what a blessing in disguise that was. Once we realised that New Zealand was absolutely the place to be (of course) and that we weren’t going anywhere in a hurry, we looked into opening a Pilates Studio of our own. Very quickly realising that what we actually wanted to do was open a KX Pilates studio, I happened to open an email from Selina, the CEO of KX Pilates Australia, suggesting I introduce New Zealand to KX. It all fell into place from there. I had the dream team at the tip of my fingers, the location, and the backing from KX Pilates, the opportunity became a very happy reality. 

What an exciting opportunity to introduce KX Pilates into New Zealand! Where will the first KX Pilates studio be opening? When can I try a class? 

Our first KX Pilates studio is opening in Bethlehem very soon!! You can pre-register for our Grand Opening Offer, 5 classes for $30, and our opening date/ details here.

Loving the sound of KX Bethlehem? You can pre-register now and be the first to hear when we open our doors and most importantly, you can snatch up 5 classes for just $30! 

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