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How To Thrive In Business & Personal Life As A Yoga & Meditation Teacher Ft. Alex Ballagh

As a busy Mum of three aged four and under, Alex understands the need for accessible wellness tools to help people easily shift from a state of stress and overwhelm to that of calm and ease. Through her work as a qualified somatic movement instructor, yoga & meditation teacher, she empowers and educates her clients to find balance. With over 16 years of experience, Alex shares her advice to those trying to navigate the business side of wellness and tips to prevent burnout as a busy professional.

What inspired you to enter into this field of work?

Movement has always been a part of my life.

When I was young I loved dance and gymnastics, and this naturally progressed on to me becoming a dance teacher when I was at school. Every evening after school and weekend I was either dancing or teaching dance – and I learned so much about how different bodies move and the cues that work and don’t work for various people. I continued to dance through my time at uni, then, whilst I was travelling overseas in the years after, I discovered yoga.

I was living in Cambodia at the time and I went along to a vinyasa class as a substitute for a dance class … I’ve been stepping on my mat every day since!

I did my first teacher training five years ago and have done a heap of trainings since – I’ll be forever a student.

Balancing work & personal life can be tricky even at the best of times. What are the time management hacks you can’t live without? 

There are a lot of little time management hacks I use; like getting smart with my content – I like to repurpose and just tweak it to use it across multiple channels. I find this helps with giving my audience clarity as well as it saving a heap of time!

I like to “time chunk” too – so I’ll create a bunch of Instagram reels at once or schedule in four or five of my workplace wellness bite emails in one go.

I have lots of mum hacks too like preparing breakfast and laying the kids clothes out the night before!

As professionals in wellness, a lot of us go down the self employment route, however not all of us are equipped with the essential business skills to successfully market ourselves and make a living from doing what we love…

What are the essential skills to develop when it comes to having a successful career in wellness?

Gosh yes I so agree. There is definitely a lot of learning as I go.

I think, firstly, it’s so important that we get super clear on our “why”, and our niche. What is our point of difference and who are we offering it to? Mine, for example, is to help busy people weave more moments of calm and ease in to their day through yoga inspired rituals.

If we’re super clear on our why then we won’t get too lost or head down paths that aren’t right for us. Some basic financial management skills are key too, and – let’s be honest -in this age a good handle on social media marketing is important.

I think it’s also wise to ask for help, seek mentorship, and arm yourself with knowledge and tools from OUTSIDE the wellness world. I love a good business development podcast or book to help here. 

What 3 tips would you give to fellow wellness professionals to prevent burnout?

  • First and foremost, stay committed to your own wellness practices. It’s likely you do what you do because you experienced the benefit of it first hand – don’t forget that – it’s important that we walk the talk. 
  • Second, get smart with your time. Where can you time chunk? Where can you re-purpose content? Can you schedule your communications so that you don’t have to be “on” all of the time? Can you carve out at least one day a week where you don’t do any work? 
  • Lastly, I like to do a bit of a check in with myself every six months or so. Am I still aligned with my “why”? Am I still being authentic with how I show up? What do I need to help me continue to grow? I find doing this is like a little push of the reset button and it helps to refresh my energy and focus. This practice can be as simple as a quick ten minute journaling session.

What future trends are you most excited to see evolve in the wellness industry?

Ooooh .. so much! I’m excited to see the return to more in-person events and wellness offerings in the community now as the pandemic restrictions have eased. 

I’m also DEEPLY in support of the conversation that is getting more prevalent around the importance of rest. More and more people are surrendering to rest, to slowness, and to being OK with “doing nothing” in order to heal and restore their vitality. I think this is potent medicine and is so desperately needed.

More people prioritising rest is going to benefit society and the planet in a huge way!

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