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How To Navigate Your Career Direction Post Covid & What It Means To Live A Healthy & Happy Life Ft. Anna Veale

If you’re struggling to identify a clear career direction post pandemic, you’re not alone. Over the past few years, we’ve experienced the full spectrum of working conditions. Who would have thought that following a very typical day in the office, we would be thrown into lock down the next!

This sudden change forced us to find alternative working conditions, resulting in the rise of remote work. As we come out the other end, we’ve seen a major shift in values regarding work/life balance – forcing a lot of us to reconsider our career path.

Anna Veale shares her insights into how to best navigate your career direction and what it means to live a happy and healthy life.

Anna is a qualified life coach & exercise professional with over 20 years experience in the wellness industry. She helps clients from around the world live in alignment with what matters most to them. Anna has also worked with the English Premiership Rugby Club Saracens, professional footballers, and has taken training sessions for the marines during her career.

What would you say to those struggling to navigate their career direction? What essential steps should they take to help them find a career they love?

We are so much more than we think we are, and when we get dealt a blow it’s a fantastic opportunity to dial in and highlight other areas of our personality that we hadn’t used before. For example, I worked in HR before changing direction and moving into the wellness space. It was a risky move to leave a career that was secure with a good pathway to ‘success’ but one where I could use my more nurturing and motivating side as well as having to be creative (finding clients, getting my name out there etc).

When I left and started my own business, I had no one else to lean on except myself. It made me realise I had the strength, determination and endurance to build something I was proud of. I learned new skills and confidence as a result.

If we use these trying times to re-calibrate, focus on what brings us joy and passion and use the skills that we are good at there’s a wonderful opportunity to find a career that you might not have thought about.

Using Ikigai is a great tool to dive into the possibilities and make it less daunting.

You have worked with a variety of clients ranging from fitness trainers, business owners, professional sportsmen and lawyers. What are the three common things your most ‘successful’ clients do? 


Work daily on their mindset and their physical body.


Surround themselves with good people that will love, support and challenge them.


Have a goal – but release expectation of the outcome, trusting the process.

What future work trends do you think we are likely to see post-pandemic? What essential strategies should employers implement to ensure they keep up with the trends? 

Be flexible – the pandemic has taught us that there’s no certainty and we can’t control our external environment. I would say from a mindset perspective, learn to be courageous, and adaptable so that when we are faced with our next crisis we have the skills to adapt, pivot and thrive.

What do you wish more people understood about what it means to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life? 

When we are ‘here’ not ‘there’ all is well and life is good.

Past and future are where the worry, regret, anxiety and stress exist even in the toughest of circumstances.

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