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Here’s How I Stay Motivated & Inspired As A Full Time Group Fitness Instructor

Working as a group fitness instructor is a pretty cool gig. I mean where else can you get paid to work out, listen to music and have fun?

I’ve been teaching yoga and personal training clients from around the world for almost a decade.

Like in any job, throughout the years motivation levels tend to fluctuate. Whenever I feel a drop in motivation levels, I can usually put this down to a few simple things; I may be caught up in the rat race neglecting my own workouts or taking on too many classes every week.

I’ve compiled a list of the 5 essential strategies that help me stay motivated and inspired as a group fitness instructor.

1. Never Stop Learning

The more I learn, the more excited I am to share my knowledge with my clients. Learning new things keeps things fresh.

Stay up to date with industry news (sign up to our newsletter here), follow inspiring professionals in your field and expand your skill set by enrolling in short courses or conferences.

2. Set Goals

Having a clear and concise vision to work towards keeps you motivated and inspired.

Set goals for increasing class attendance, mastering a new exercise or improving your instructing skills.

3. Prioristise Your Self Care

As fitness instructors our health and wellness is everything.

This looks different for everyone – ensure you eat well, get plenty of sleep, maintain healthy social relationships, and get outside on your breaks!

4. Participate In Other Fitness Classes

This has got to be my favourite! I love working out in a group setting, not only is it motivating but you get to gain new ideas and inspiration from other instructors.

Lock in a new exercise class at least once a week!

5. Build Relationships

Building genuine relationships with your class participants is essential for keeping them engaged and motivated.

Regularly ask your students if they have any feedback, keep track of their goals and congratulate them on their small wins. Be inspired by their progress!

If you’re feeling stale and unmotivated teaching your exercise classes, take the time to check in with yourself to find a solution. I can guarantee if you’re not enjoying your classes, your participants wont be as well.

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