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Leaving The Corporate World To Pursue A Career In Wellness

Loren Luisa started her career in the corporate world after landing a job that she thought was her dream role. After being fed up of feeling miserable and lost climbing the corporate ladder, Loren took a leap of faith to follow her passion and live a life on her own terms. She became an Accredited Mindfulness Facilitator & a qualified Life Coach – Loren is now pursuing a successful career in the wellness industry.

In one sentence, can you describe what wellness means to you? 

Wellness, to me, means looking after yourself – not just through what you do, but it’s also about taking the time to check in with yourself (mind, body and soul) to see how your really feeling, and making sure that in each and every day you’re doing something to support you and your personal well being.

Describe your role in the wellness industry. What does a typical day look like for you?

I am a Mindfulness and Journaling Coach. Through my work I get to support individuals all over the world, on their own personal journeys. My work, at the moment, is focused around facilitating journaling workshops that incorporate mindfulness practices, tools and techniques, to guide individuals through their own journey of self-discovery. Each journaling session is tailored towards a specific topic (e.g. stress and burnout, overwhelm, boundaries, goals and intentions, gratitude, etc) which allows you to constructively process, understand and learn from all kinds of situations life may throw at us. I’m a huge believer in taking a moment to turn inwards and uncovering the answers that lie within, so I’ve created these journaling sessions to offer those who attend the opportunity to do just that.

A typical day for me looks like – Getting up in the morning and heading to the gym, coming home and getting myself ready for the day (this always puts me in a good headspace). Once I’m ready, I usually sit down in my office on the couch with my dog and begin my morning meditation, followed by journaling and intention setting. Then the work day begins, half of my day is spent running my digital marketing agency, and the other half is spent creating new content for my upcoming journaling and mindfulness workshops as well a facilitating these throughout the week.

“I wrap up the end of each work day with writing down my tasks for the following day – this allows me to leave work in the office and not bring it into my home life too much.”

My evenings are really chill, my partner and I actively check in with each other and talk about our days, we take the dog for a walk, cook dinner and then I’ll make a cup of tea and snuggle up in bed with a book or a meditation before getting 8-9 hours of sleep in.

What inspired you to choose your current career in wellness? 

I’ve always had such a vested interest in wellness and have had the privilege of being able to attend incredible conferences, events and seminars since I was 15-years old. From a young age I was taught the benefits of belly breathing and tuning into my body, which played a huge part in my decision to begin working in this industry.

After I graduated from University, I entered the corporate world, working in a job that I thought was my dream role and the first step on the ladder to the lifestyle I thought I always wanted.

“I gave everything to that job, but despite being in what I thought was my ‘dream job’ I found myself feeling really miserable and lost.”

I felt like, surely this couldn’t be it. I’d been working so hard to get to where I was, only to realise that the corporate dream (for me) began and ended at the same place – working for someone else, working 9-5 (and after hours most days) and having to put my mental and physical health to the side in order to prioritise my job.

How did you make the change from corporate work to self employment?

I decided to quit my job and take some time to freelance and re-connect with myself and the vision I saw for my future. I decided to lean into work that I felt I was called to offer to the world and became an Accredited Mindfulness Facilitator and a qualified Life Coach. During this time I sought out a lot of comfort in journaling to process my feelings, to understand where my thoughts were at, and to create inner clarity for myself. 

At the beginning of the pandemic I teamed up with a mental health organisation called Changing Minds who were creating online wellbeing sessions (funded by the Ministry of Health), designed for anyone in New Zealand (or Kiwis abroad) needing support with their mental wellbeing during the lockdowns. I began offering Mindful Journaling and Meditation workshops once a week, which very quickly turned into twice a week to support more people. Facilitating these sessions allowed me to see just how impactful the power of journaling can be, and how much it can support people no matter where they are in their journey. Hearing the stories of those who attended these sessions and knowing just how much the journaling prompts and mindfulness tools were able to support them, and what the connection with others during the sessions meant to them, inspired me to continue to develop these workshops and evolve them into what they are today.

If you could turn back the time and talk to your 18-year old self trying to navigate life and your career direction, what would you tell them?

I would tell 18-year old me that it’s okay to slow down, to take a breath, to connect in with yourself and what is happening around you in the present moment, because there is no rush. Before mindfulness became such a big part of my life I was always so hyper focused on the next thing, the 5-year plan or where to next, without having finished or taken in whatever I was focusing on at the time. I would remind my 18-year old self that life will continue to throw curveballs at you no matter how fast you’re running, so don’t be afraid to take things one day at a time. You don’t have to know the outcome of every situation or where each step on your path will take you, but trust that the universe has a plan and as long as you stay true to who you are and do what lights you up, it will all work out as it should.

What is a trend you’re most excited to see evolve in the wellness industry? 

I’m incredibly excited to see more individuals incorporate wellbeing tools such as meditation, journaling, general mental health awareness, and all types of wellbeing support into their day-to-day lives. We live in a society where we’re often very disconnected from ourselves and what our inner guidance is telling us because we’re so heavily influenced by the options of others. Journaling should be looked at as a necessity, not a luxury because it gives us the tools we need to not only emotionally regulate ourselves, but to tap into our own innate wisdom and be able to make decisions that are in alignment with who we are and what we want out of this life, instead of being lead by our inner critic or fear. I’m incredibly excited to see this movement continue to evolve in the industry and I’m honoured to be a part of it.

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