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Don’t Have 3-5 Years Experience? Here’s how to get it.

If you’re a recent graduate and have started looking for your next career, you’ve probably noticed that many jobs require some sort of relevant experience. Even the ‘entry level’ positions often require a minimal amount of experience. So what do you do now? 

Let’s help you to overcome this frustrating hurdle and show you practical ways to address your lack of experience – you might just have a lot more experience than you give yourself credit for!


We realise not everyone will be able to complete unpaid work or volunteering. We all have bills to pay and money definitely does not grow on trees. It is very common for an individual’s internship to eventually convert into their full time career. Internships can look great on your resume and show potential employers you have gained the valuable skills required for a relevant job. So how do you go about finding them? Well, let’s treat it like searching for a job. Is there a company you’re really passionate about? Start your search with welo. Explore our registered wellness companies to see which one seems like a great fit for you! Discover their mission and what they stand for. Reach out to those companies you are interested in, create a custom cover letter enquiry about internship opportunities. You will be surprised at the response – most companies will be so glad you reached out and appreciate the extra support!

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing involves following an individual in their job for a few hours, days or weeks. This is a great way to confirm whether or not this career path is one you would like to pursue. Observing the day to day tasks of the role will give you valuable experience you can add to your resume. Each week at welo, we dive into the real life stories of professionals in wellness and gain valuable insights into their careers. Connect with these leading professionals or reach out to family and friends to ask if you can shadow them on the job.


This is a very common pathway among exercise professionals. Freelancing is a great way to prove you’re capable of doing the work before you are hired. This may look like teaching a free community yoga class to gain experience as a teacher before you approach studios or fitness centres for work. You may have to do this initial job for free or charge a lower rate to get the experience and hopefully a positive review at the end. 

Freelancing comes with a lot more risk and responsibility. You will be forced to learn about successfully marketing yourself and alot about business in general. You may enjoy it so much and in the end decide to stick with freelancing instead of taking that full time job! However, if you decide to take the corporate role, the experience you gain from freelancing will be great content to add to your resume.

Participate in events related to your career

Get out and connect with like minded professionals! Consider participating in local or online events that can exercise the skills required for your preferred role. See what’s happening in the community – there may be workshops or classes that can help you to further your education or experience in your chosen field. Make sure you’re signed up to welo to be informed of the latest wellness industry events and conferences. 

Consider an alternative route

Not all career paths are linear. Consider the option of a bridge job – you can gain valuable experience in a different role that can help you move closer to your chosen job or field further down the line. Let’s say you would like to land a job as a personal trainer, by taking on a gym reception role you can gain a tremendous amount of industry experience by simply observing other trainers, immersing yourself in the environment and interacting with potential clients. Take a look at who’s hiring on welo here. Discover how diverse the wellness industry is and just how many different opportunities exist in this space.

Whether you’re a recent graduate searching for your first career or changing jobs, by putting into practice a combination of these strategies you will be surprised just how much experience you will be able gain to help you land your dream job. Goodluck!

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