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Thrive in Wellness: Wisdom from Top Professionals to Inspire Your Journey

There is immense value in learning from the insights of others. Throughout my incredible 8-year (and still going strong!) journey in the wellness industry, I’ve truly come to appreciate the immense power of building meaningful connections and the joy of learning from each other. The sense of community that exists […]

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Traveling The World Teaching Pilates Online & Building A Successful Personal Brand Ft. Laura Mohi

Ever dream of traveling the world teaching Pilates online? We chat to Laura Mohi, from Wild Pilates. In 2020, after 10 years as an in-studio Pilates Instructor, Laura decided to offer her classes online and now travels the world teaching Pilates in the most beautiful locations!  We take a look […]

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How To Navigate Your Career Direction Post Covid & What It Means To Live A Healthy & Happy Life Ft. Anna Veale

If you’re struggling to identify a clear career direction post pandemic, you’re not alone. Over the past few years, we’ve experienced the full spectrum of working conditions. Who would have thought that following a very typical day in the office, we would be thrown into lock down the next! This […]

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